Since 2004, The New Jersey School of Dramatic Arts has been offering the best in formal acting / musical theater / improvisation and TV & Film training. Students learn in a step by step program in which each class builds upon the skills gained in previous levels. From the beginner to the advanced, students are placed in classes that match their experience and ability. Professional instructors offer generous one on one attention while emphasizing the development of a strong and proven technique. In addition to this, the New Jersey School of Dramatic Arts is a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax exempt organization. All contributions are tax deductible and are used for scholarships and to further promote our theatre / performing arts programs.

Why Is New Jersey School of Dramatic Arts Different From Other Performing Arts Schools?

  • Other schools have only generic or one level acting classes. This forces students at various levels of experience and development to be in the same class, feeling bored or lost.

    By offering a multi-level class structure, the New Jersey School of Dramatic Arts makes sure students are taking classes matched to their experience or current ability. We offer Adults seven levels of Acting, two levels of Film & TV Acting, two levels of TV Commercial classes and three levels of Improvisation! For Teens and Tweens, there are three levels of acting and two levels of musical theater classes.

  • Other schools may offer classes but do not have their own theater space. Some schools have a theater space but not a complete program.

    The New Jersey School of Dramatic Arts has both! We offer full, professional and comprehensive acting / musical theater / improvisation and TV & Film classes for adults, teens, tweens and children. As an added benefit, we have our very own 45 Seat Theater inside our studios.

  • Other schools have teachers who have never worked professionally in the subject they are teaching.

    A school is only as good as its teachers. All of the New Jersey School of Dramatic Art's teachers are professionals who have worked and taught extensively in their field. We are just as passionate about teaching as we are about acting!

  • Other schools (especially in New York City) have classes that are so large, the students do not always get a chance to participate in class.

    The New Jersey School of Dramatic Arts believes that every student who is ready to work should have that opportunity in every class. Instructors give students generous one on one attention. There is a maximum of 12-16 students in a class (based on the course).

  • Other schools offer performing arts classes but students rarely have a chance to perform.

    At the New Jersey School of Dramatic Arts, all of our advanced acting, musical theater and improvisation classes culminate in a final performance project in our theater. The Professional Showcase gives advanced students the opportunity to perform in a full professional production of one-act plays.

    Our level 3 teen and tween classes have the opportunity to perform in our theater.

    In addition to this, we have our own performance companies: Nutty By Nature and On The Spot (our adult improv comedy troupes) and Sparks of Insanity (our teen improv troupe).

  • Other schools do not have active professional affiliations.

    NJSDA gives its students a head start on their professional careers because of our affiliations with outstanding professional organizations. The NJ Theatre Alliance has given our students exclusive audition slots for their Equity combined theatre auditions. We also partner with the highly acclaimed 4th Wall Theatre which has cast our students for their productions. Montclair State University's film department partners with NJSDA and frequently uses our actors for their student films. Comcast Spotlight, Comcast cable's local commercial division, "turns to our students first."